We are respectuful of our land

The territory

The vineyard, the environment and the people. Our whole world is the result of this synergy. We are in Tuscany, beauty, history, culture, art and good drinking have always belonged to this territory. We take care of producing wine but we also feel the custodians of a territory that we love and want to enhance in all its natural beauty.

Our company is located in the Municipality of Crespina, territory of intact beauty, a small village surrounded by charming villas and historic residences.

La Tana is born from a simple Tuscan story. Mezzadri, factors, men and women who with their work, heart and mind, have been able to maintain, enhance and create an environmental heritage. It was after 1950, with the agrarian reform and the new entrepreneurial mentality that began the planting of the first vineyards and the construction of a real company.

The farm

The Fattoria La Tana has a pyramidal shape: at the top there is the business center, the cellar, the two houses and the park. The details of the houses still show all the simplicity of rural civilization that was born and raised in the middle of their walls. The interiors have been brought back to their origins made up of the three fundamental Tuscan elements: wood, iron and bricks.

Ethics in production

We believe in conscious production and consumption, in direct contact between producer and consumer, in safeguarding natural resources. Our company, which has always been attentive to environmental protection, has adhered to the principles and values ​​of organic farming by undertaking the path of conversion.

Respect for the management of the soil is fundamental, with the aim of safeguarding the resources, the phytosanitary defense based on monitoring and prevention, the use of mechanical and non-chemical weeding, cultivation and vineyard management.

Selection and continuous attention in the vineyard: it is manually selected and regulated the load of buds on the plant and safeguarded the productive shoots to regulate the vegetative-productive balance of the crop.